SJC Boxing loves the old fighters, the fighters who fought for little money, the fighters who fought for the love of the sport. SJC Boxers not only love the sport but are well trained and conditioned to fight like the old-time fighters. On this web site you will see what SJC Boxing is about. You will see some great Pictures and Videos, learn about our history and programs and be able to stay up to date with SJC Boxing news and events.

Steven J. Canton is the President of SJC Boxing and of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame. He is a well-respected fight manager, trainer, matchmaker, and cutman. Steve was inducted into the inaugural class of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009, as a Trainer/Manager.

We welcome suggestions and comments and are always looking for new sponsors. Feel free to Email us anytime. Once again, welcome to SJC Boxing's web site, we're sure you will enjoy it.

Steve Canton



Middle School and High School Students, between 12:30pm and 3:00pm Monday through Friday, come for a free lunch, mentoring and gym training.

Professional Athletes from various sports and business leaders in the community come to give inspirational talks. Life lessons are learned - all at no charge. 195 students from 53 different Lee County Schools have participated so far.


The SJC Boxing Gym has helped countless individuals and done so many great things for the community throughout the years. Steve Canton has seen many great gyms and important organizations close after losing their leaders and, at the urging of others, has decided to initiate the SJC Boxing Legacy Fund to ensure that the SJC Boxing Gym will remain, under top leadership, to continue serving the community. With your support, the SJC Mentoring Program, the SJC Boxing Gym and the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Museum (located in the same building as the gym) will live on and continue to have a major impact in Southwest Florida. We need your help, donate now, and keep the dream alive for those who need help the most – our kids – tomorrow’s leaders.

Critically Acclaimed Book

Steve Canton's Tributes, Memories & Observations of the Sweet Science

The critically acclaimed book is out and available to order. It is 370 pages with 550 great photos.

You can also stop by the gym to get a signed copy, Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm

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As a sponsor of SJC Boxing Club Inc., you will receive visibility in your company inside our gym and at competition venues throughout the states of Florida. There are many levels of sponsorship available and each is gratefully accepted. All sponsorship donations are used to fund the operations of SJC Boxing club, Inc.

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SJC Boxing Club, Inc. offers many opportunities to learn about boxing and participate in many activities, including fundraising events, social events, and boxing tournaments. Participate in many activities, including fundraising events, social events, and boxing tournaments.

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SJC Boxing is with Tim Anderson

Tim “Doc” Anderson was convicted for a crime he did not commit. He was found guilty of premeditated first degree murder and has been incarcerated since April 1995 in a Florida prison, serving life with no chance for parole.

Yes, Tim Anderson did shoot and kill his former promoter, Rick Parker, on that fateful day, but it definitely was not premeditated. If he had been convicted of anything less, he would have already served his time and been a free man.

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