Joey Negron


Joey Negron is originally from Connecticut. He currently makes his home in Fort Myers, Florida. His pro debut was August 12, 1986, at the age of 18. In 1991, Joey won the New England Featherweight and Jr. Lightweight Titles. Negron was also very impressive against then unbeaten top ten contender Eugene Speed, knocking him down and leading on 2 of the 3 judges’ scorecards when he succumbed to an 8th round TKO, because of a broken hand. He lost his European debut to world-class veteran Wilson Rodriguez in 1992, via split eight round decision, and was then out of action for 28 months before his return. He fought and handed Sean Fletcher his first loss, on national television, in his comeback. Fletcher was a four-time amateur world champion and undefeated pro prospect at the time. Negron knocked out Cuban, Alexis Barcelay in the second round, on our October 1995 card, in Punta Gorda, Florida. After being inactive for sixteen months, he returned to K.O. John Thomas in one round on February 25, 1997. April 4, 1997, he fought Cuban Alex Perez (28-8-2 with 19 K.O.’s), as the eight round main event in Miami, and received a controversial draw. In reality, he won six of the eight rounds. He fought Hector Quiroz (22-2 with 20 K.O.’s), in Las Vegas. It was to be a tuneup for Quiroz, as he was set to challenge for a world title. Negron took the fight on a one week notice and beat Quiroz seven of ten rounds, on KCAL television, only to be handed another draw. Negron was stopped by former champion John John Molina, in a bout seen on ESPN. Negron had been weakened by the flu. Battling the scales, Negron then lost an eight round decision to world-class welterweight Frank Olsen, in Denmark. It was the fight of the night. Negron, an exceptional talent, has been lacking in dedication throughout his career. His weight has ballooned and he has not been in the gym lately. If he were to ever return with serious motivation he would become a force to be reckoned with.
Date Of Birth:   01/29/68




1. 08/12 Felix Cortes, W. Hartford, Conn. D6

2. 11/06 Jorge Rivas, Atlantic City, New Jersey L4


3. 02/08 Jose Lopez, Providence, R.I. W4

4. 02/26 David Alers, Boston, Mass. TKO 2

5. 07/21 Willie Ford, Atlantic City, New Jersey W6

6. 11/06 Jose Tirado, Atlantic City, New Jersey D4



7. 10/23 Angel Correa, Worchester, Mass. W4

8. 12/14 Angel Vargas, New Bedford, Mass. KO 1


9. 03/15 Sammy Ruiz, North Haven, Conn. KO 1

10. 03/23 Gerardo Ocampo, Worchester, Mass. TKO 4

11. 05/18 Mike Capiello, Fall River, Mass. W10
(Won New England Jr. Lightweight Title)

12. 08/23 Julio DeJesus, Boston, Mass. TKO 3
(Won New England Featherweight Title)


13. 01/18 Eugene Speed, Alexandria, Va. TKO by 8

14. 02/27 Carlos Vergara, Agawam, Mass. TKO 6

15. 04/04 Wilson Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain L8



16. 08/18 Sean Fletcher, Ledyard, Conn. W6


17. 02/14 Jacobin Yoma, Vel De Marne, France L8

18. 02/25 Nurjan Kouraliev, Kaz. W8

19. 03/17 Daryl Tyson, Worchester, Mass. TKO by 4

20. 10/17 Alexis Barcelay, Punta Gorda, Florida TKO 2



21. 02/25 John Thomas, Punta Gorda, Florida KO 1

22. 04/05 Alex Perez, Miami, Florida D8

23. 07/26 Hector Quiroz, Las Vegas, Nevada D10

24. 10/02 John John Molina, Miami, Florida TKO by 7


25. 05/01 Frank Olsen, Kolding, Denmark L8

WON–14        LOST–7       DRAWS–4       K.O.’S–8 

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