Jose Alonzo

Jose “El Cheloman” Alonzo

Jose Alonzo Was born April 8, 1977 and grew up in Newark, New Jersey, with his mom Wanda, stepdad Nelson Saldana, and sister Yari. Jose also has two brothers and a sister from his dad, Alfredo Alonzo. They live in Texas. He has a very close family. They have stuck together through good times and bad. His mother has always encouraged him in all his activities and taught him to be respectful and decent. His stepfather, Nelson came into his life when he was only two years old. He has always had a strong positive influence on Jose.

At the age of seven he was sent to live in Puerto Rico with his great grandparents and uncle Jose Rios. It was there that he got started in boxing. After returning to New Jersey with his new found talent, Nelson encouraged him to continue. He went to the Boys club and learned his first few tricks of boxing.

In 1990 they moved to Spring Hill, Florida. Three years later he met his amateur trainer, Cecil Lalas, and won the district Golden Gloves title, in Palm Bay, Florida, in the 165 lb. division. He was a runner-up in the State Championships, that same year (1994). His son Jose Jr. was also born that year. The following year his daughter, Nyasia Brianna was born. Boxing stopped and Jose devoted his life to his children. In 1999 he returned to boxing with his first professional trainer, Don Khan. He had five fights with him and then developed managerial problems, and could no longer work with him. So, with a record of 5-0 and 2 knockouts he was out of boxing for about a year before he met Wilfredo Vazquez and Angel Rosa. He was encouraged to start training again. He has worked hard and feels better than ever.

His goal is to become a World Champion. He wants his children, and sister Nahiomi, to receive great educations, and that they never have financial problems and only experience the best life has to offer. He also hopes that his new family, his girlfriend Michelle Ramos and her son Xzavier, experience a better life.

Outside of the ring, Jose also enjoys playing handball, basketball, and golf. His favorite is golf, where he can really relax. Jose also likes to watch movies and play Playstation. His favorite boxers are Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Evander Holyfield, Joe Louis, Felix “Tito” Trinidad, Joel Casamayor, and Ramon Garbey. He has watched and studied films of these boxers for countless hours.

His nickname started when he was a baby when his grandmother called him Chelo. Later on his friends started calling him Cheloman.

In January 2000, Jose and his management team signed a contract with Steve Canton of SJC Professional Boxing, Inc., to help advance his career. We feel that Jose can reach the top and we are looking forward to much success in the coming months ahead.

Date of Birth   04/08/77
Click on this link for Jose’s boxing record at box-rec.com

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