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Steve Frank was born in Guyana, the former British colony, on April 14, 1965. He is the third eldest child in a family that includes five other brothers and two sisters.

Frank began boxing at the age of fourteen and is one of only two boxers in Guyana to have ever won four national titles in one year; the other being Terrence Alli. Frank went on to represent Guyana in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, California; and defected that August. He was a semi finalist in the New York Golden Gloves in 1985.

Steve Frank turned pro in 1986. He was 7-0-1 before he lost a split-decision to Derrick McGuire in Atlantic City. He picked up three more wins before another controversial loss in Europe so demoralized Frank that he retired from boxing in 1990, with a record of 10-2-1.

By 1994, Frank decided to return to boxing as he felt that he hadn’t realized his full potential. He garnered five more wins and moved into the IBF world ratings. He was rewarded with a world title opportunity against Bernard Hopkins, but was stopped in the first round. He found he could no longer make the weight and was too weak. He was also stopped in the final round of a bout he was winning against contender Joey DeGrandis, a fight he had taken on short notice.

After much soul searching, Frank decided he needed a change of management and signed with Steve Canton, of SJC Professional Boxing, Inc. He came back with a six round unanimous decision win over Dennis Murdock and followed with an impressive 12 round unanimous decision (winning all twelve rounds)victory in winning the NBA World Super Middleweight Title on September 20, 1997, in Nassau, Bahamas. His opponent was the tough Bill Durbin, who had a record of 15-4, with 11 K.O.’s.

Steve Frank is married to a fellow Guyanese he met in New York, Jacklyn. They have a daughter together and Frank is a step-father to Jacklyn’s children from a previous marriage. Before making the United States his permanent home, Frank worked in his family’s fishing business in Guyana. He likes to travel and meet different people. His boxing heroes include Sugar Ray Robinson and Mike McCallum. His boxing goal was to become only the second boxer from Guyana to become a World Champion. Since he has accomplished this he now hopes to add a world title belt of a major organization to his collection.

Date Of Birth:   04/14/65




1. 04/18 Arthur Dewar Atlantic City, New Jersey W4

2. 05/16 John Collins Atlantic City, New Jersey D6

3. 07/17 Willie Clower Atlantic City, New Jersey W4

4. 09/26 David Colon Atlantic City, New Jersey W4

5. 10/17 Joe Loving New York City, New York W6


6. 01/30 Billy Wooten Fort Lauderdale, Florida W6

7. 03/06 Joseph Harris Fort Lauderdale, Florida TKO 5

8. 04/03 Rasheed Ali Atlantic City, New Jersey W6

9. 05/02 Derrick McGuire Atlantic City, New Jersey L10

10. 06/28 John Zavala Miami Beach, Florida TKO 4

11. 07/28 Mark Miller Atlantic City, New Jersey W4 

12. 06/25 Tracy Muse Atlantic City, New Jersey KO 2



13. 01/29 Ikleff Ahmed-Hadj France KO by 3



14. 12/09 Willie Driver St. Petersburg, Florida W6


15. 01/28 Joseph Harris Miami, Florida W8

16. 02/11 Kenneth Parker Miami, Florida W8

17. 10/17 Dennis Murdock Punta Gorda, Florida KO 3

18. 12/02 James Mason Miami, Florida KO 3


19. 01/27 Bernard Hopkins Phoenix, Arizona TKO by 1


20. 04/05 Joey DeGrandis Atlantic City, New Jersey TKO by 8

21. 07/05 Dennis Murdock West Palm Beach, Florida W6

22. 09/20 Bill Durbin Nassau, Bahamas W12

WON–17        LOST–4       DRAWS–1       K.O.’S–5   

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